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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thoughts on Where America Stands

 Have you haven't noticed the country is nearly insolvent and would likely be so if if not the trillions of additional debt to be added to the American balance sheet.

Republicans are not against SS, medicare, or medicaid.  They are against the mismanagement of such systems.  The nation has an enormous economy, but if you take out the $700 billion in military spending, the economy is not so robust.  Then take out all levels of government, 16.7% of all employed, which adds no real product or service to GDP numbers, you have to concede, something is wrong.
Think about this.  The democratic party wants to continue to grow government to regulate ever aspect that they can.  This is their policy, big government.  It is easy to verify, go to www.wikipedia.com or any other course.  If you take the 16.7% of people employed by government and their spouses, that is 33.4% of the electorate.  You do realize, that once that government has the majority of votes, that they have absolute power over people.  It is scary and it is the goal of democrats.  You think it is not, you are fooling yourself.  They want power to implement policies that future entrench their power.  

Republicans believe that this is inherently a terrible, terrible idea.  They do not want to dismantle SS, or Medicare, or Medicaid, as liberals would have you believe, but rather reform them to a system that works.  Of course taxes have to be raises, but programs have to be cut.  You can guarantee that it is not going to be public libraries, unless redundant.  Pools, if they accept federal money, should be closed. That is certainly a local government responsibility.

Charity is certainly a worthy virtue, but to take from people through taxation to give to someone else, seems a bit heinous, wouldn't you agree?  The great thing bout this nation, is our economic mobility.  most people are poor and work through life to better themselves, and by doing so pay more taxes which enriches the entire country.  Just because some people make a dumb amount of money, does mean that you should have a right to take it from them.  Where is the motivation to make more money.  Why not live in government housing and take what the government hands out?  It is nuts.

Have you seen modern public housing?  Do you think that people should be rewarded to the extent that they are, without making the sacrifices to better themselves? 

Salishan Housing Project in Tacoma Washington, Paid for partially with Federal funds. Why work? 
We pay $430 billion in interest on our debt every year and that is going to increase by 14.3% over the next two years.  That is at an average interest rate in the mid 3% range.  I would look up the exact number, but my computer is pretty much frozen at the moment for some reason. 
I am sure you remember when interest rates were above 12%.  If they rise even 3% from current levels, we are in a bad way.  You are talking about SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Military spending, and debt servicing taking more money than tax revenue can take and still have a functioning economy.

The austerity measure that Europe is taking at the moment is exactly what will happen here.   Taxes will crush business, which provides people the lifestyle they have today, spending on these programs, will be cut drastically, and we will not be in a good position.  We need to put aside the slander from the left and work to fix the issues today, so that in 10 years, we are not completely suck.  That includes raising taxes on most everyone.  The bush tax cuts are 85% for the middle class by the way.  It is easy to talk about the few million dollars that are are taken by businesses for jets, but you will not here of the really revenue generator which will be the largest tax increase on the middle class in decades.  This is necessary and will happen, despite the republicans trying to avoid it.

Revenues will increase at the expense of all citizens.  It just has to happen.  The status-quo can not continue and to be honest a surtax on those making $1 million a year is perfectly reasonable.  There are about 350,000 households that bring in that kind of money.  If we are honest with ourselves, it is ridiculous.  That does not me that we should absolutely ravage their income, but 6% is okay, right?

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